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    SIA – 36′ Aquila Powercat

    36' Aquila Powercat

    Length: 36'

    Boat Name: "SIA"

    Embark on an extraordinary boating adventure with the 36′ Aquila Powercat, a brand-new vessel offering an amazing day on the water for the whole family. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this yacht accommodates up to 13 guests and features two cabins with AC, perfect for relaxation or a quick nap. With a capacity to sleep four, two restrooms, and three showers, it combines comfort with convenience. Ideal for canal cruising or sea adventures, it includes paddleboards, a huge lily pad, and various water toys. Whether you’re stopping for lunch at a waterfront restaurant or exploring famous sandbanks, the Aquila Powercat ensures an authentic Florida experience on the water.

    1 - 12 GUESTS

    2 CABIN(S)

    SLEEPS 4


    3 SHOWER(S)

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